Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Clear Block Storage Idea

As you all know by now Stampin' Up! has gone to having two options for stamps. You can either select to have the wood stamps or select Acrylic mount stamps. The Acrylic blocks are available in a vast array of sizes that you can select to match the stamps. You can order the size that you will need for certain stamps or you can order the entire set of acrylic blocks which, of course are reusable for all the acrylic stamps - duh!

I decided I wanted a creative way to store my Acrylic blocks so that they would be readily available, protected from damage and easily identifiable. I had some large empty stamp boxes on hand and used some Tombo multi adhesive and put some Designer Series Paper in the box in the shape of each block and marked each with the letter for the block - then I will know where each block goes and if any are missing. I did CASE this idea from Ala Pause, however with some minor changes. She used plain cardstock and I used DSP. LOVE IT!!!!!

Just a footnote - I have had acrylic blocks in the past, not of the same quality as Stampin' Up!, however, they were stored in a ziploc baggie and are very scratched - they do still work however are rather unsightly so I felt this was the best way to protect my investment with my Stampin' Up! blocks.

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