Friday, April 3, 2009

Way Past Time to Update You on My Work!

I've been doctoring family lately and needless to say DH is not a nice patient. He had cataract surgery plus glaucoma surgery on March 27. Actually, the surgery was a complete success, however, he is not thinking it is healing fast enough to suit him. I think we all expect more of our bodies than we sometimes should - and when you get old.................. well, you hate to admit it, but I think things take a little longer.. Then to top it all off he caught the WORST cold in the whole wide world so he has NOT been a HAPPY CAMPER.

I know it is kind of late in the year to be working on calendars, but....that's kinda how I work.... Last year I think I finally did the last four months of the year in a CD calendar - this year I did better - I actually got started at the beginning of the year, however January and February were nothing to brag about, but they are getting better as the year wears on - I'll have to tell you that I just had to use the multi-colored stars on the July calendar - I hope you can see them. I remember buying them as a young girl. I found them in my mother's desk. Still had the price tag on them - 15 cents!!!!! They are not only gummed but also embossed. Really cute - never find anything like that now!

I know the pictures are a little off - someday I will learn how to work this!!!!!

The FIRST picture is one that I know my son and his dad will be real proud that I actually posted. They made me something to put all my ribbon on. The top roll is for BIG rolls and the bottom roll is for small rolls. All of my "cardmaker" daughters want one JUST LIKE IT!!!!!! I had to beg for mine for quite a while and I love it. I'll have to get a price, huh?


Linda Crowder said...

Good to have you back to blogging and the calendar is cool! I especially understand about not healing when you get older....and there is nothing in the world worse than an unhappy husband. I feel for you. Sight is one of the things we take for granted and when we are without even for days, it seems like years. I sympathize with both of you, so hang in there. The ribbon keeper is fantastic and I want one, too!

Patti said...

Nice idea

Patti said...

Happy Mother's Day