Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me Again!!!

The day I didn't want to come has come and gone and with the help of one of my friends will be quite memorable. The lady who made my cake used to be an over the road truck driver and due to some major health problems became disabled and was no longer able to drive trucks (as in SEMIS) so she needed to find another occupation. At the time I was teaching Wilton Method Cake Decorating Classes and she was really my STAR student!!! As you can see by the above picture, she learned her lessons VERY well. I told her to bake me a cake for my birthday (in a kidding manner - just a plain cake - she makes a SCRUMPTIOUS carrot cake) But I NEVER expected to get something like this. Plus she sent flowers as well. Who could have a better friend than that???? So like it or not I guess I will always remember my 60th birthday, for sure!


A Stroke Above said...

Now I am glad to see your cake. I am offended because I didn't get a piece of this wonderful prize...haven't you ever heard of AIR MAIL or EXPRESS OVERNIGHT DELIVERY OR ....With my luck, you would send me the latch! It is a wonderful cake. Many more happy days...and 60 is older than dirt, don't you know? Linda Crowder (58)

AliMae said...

Ok.. I am bad.. I did not realize it was your 60th birthday.. I guess things are not always what they should be. I have a really bad memory so things pass by me then I realize hey it was someone's birthday.. I am working at improving this..
I am glad you had a GREAT birthday.
Love your other daughter

Patti said...

HB to you...
Love the cake!
Thanks for stopping by the blog...come back soon.